Episode 3

This is Sustainable Surfing        Show Notes

Guest: Ryan Harris, Earth Technologies

Instagram: @earthtechnologies

Book Recommendation:

Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman by Yvon Chouinard (founder of Patagonia)

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Episode Overview by Segments:


Minute 0:15: Today’s episode will be something different- a short & sweet brand spotlight on an eco-conscious company.

Minute 1:30: Meet Ryan Harris & hear about his zero waste surfboard manufacturing company.

Minute 2:00: Surfboards and paddleboards have traditionally been made using toxic materials, which can sometime end up in the ocean.

Minute 3:00: How it all started: Ryan was introduced to Super Sap, an eco-friendly resin, but it was a challenge to get people to use it because it was amber colored.

Minute 4:30: In the recent factory upgrade, Ryan did a 75% upcycle on the build out. In addition to reducing greenhouse gases from manufacturing process, he also wanted to go further--all the way to zero waste, by using mealworms, a process developed by Eddie Garcia of Living Earth Systems

Minute 7:30: Other components of the zero waste process-- worms eating dust and densifying particles.

Minute 10:00: Ryan tells us his plan for paddleboards, hand planes, fins, and eventually to scale up to skateboards, snowboards, foils, etc.

Minute 12:00: Ryan is running a Kickstarter campaign with just one week left! He hopes to purchase big equipment to handle recycling.

Minute 15:00: How is the performance of these eco boards? How quickly could this scale? Earth Technologies currently has a waitlist for its products.

Minute 15:45: Ryan’s background- originally from Oregon, how he became a surfer, his history with product design and Nike, and how he was able to take a leap to do this full-time with his wife’s support.

Minute 20:00: Some of the challenges Earth Technologies faces. Is it more realistic to discourage people from surfing at all or surf more sustainably?

Minute 22:00: Ryan’s crazy idea for positive environmental change.

Minute 23:30: Ryan is sponsoring competitive surfers through TeamRider program and making eco boards for Channel Islands and Lost, two leading shortboard brands.

Minute 24:30: Ryan’s book recommendation.


Erin Delawalla