Episode 7

This Is Sustainable Fashion_Show Notes



Sarah Nsikak, Stone and Harper

Instagram: @stoneandharper

Website: https://www.facebook.com/stoneandharper/


Recommended Further Reading:

Girl Boss, Sophia Amaruso

The True Cost, documentary on Netflix

Habit Change:

Buy some resusable produce and bulk shopping bags! 

Use discount code "Altitude" through 4/15/2018 to get 15% off up to two orders of these cool bags @ EarthJunky

Show Overview by the Minute

Minute 00:00: Opening with Erin & Allyson

Minute 9:00: Introduction to Sarah and her work

Minute 12:00: Background on Sarah’s work in NYC

Minute 17:00: Background on Sarah’s fashion line Stone + Harper

Minute 19:00: Purpose and foundation of Stone + Harper

Minute 22:30: Explains the negative effects of the fashion industry on the environment and the workers: waste at the factory, cheap labor, cheap quality material, non-organic materials contaminated with toxic pesticides, the oversupply of clothing made for cheap brands, and the consumer willingness to dispose of clothing easily after purchase.

Minute 24:00: Sarah’s experience with Apiece Apart.

Minute 27:00: Is slow fashion catching on?

Minute 30:00: What makes the fashion industry so wasteful or harmful to the environment?

Minute 34:30: How to follow Stone + Harper.

Minute 38:00: Book/film recommendation

Minute 40:00: Habit change - reusable grocery bags.

Erin Delawalla