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Erin Delawalla

co-FOUNDER, dreamer

Erin is the co-founder of Altitude.  She was surprised to learn how many educated people knew nothing about conservation, the causes of environmental harm, or were uncertain of how to make small lifestyle changes to reduce environmental impact. Then, there's that issue of how confusing and politicized the narrative in the media can be. Erin wanted an option to prevent people from DISENGAGING. Thus, Altitude.

She is an environmental attorney, a mom, a wife and a dreamer. She currently works in impact investing as an environmental and social strategy consultant, and previously worked in the sustainable development of renewable energy.  


Allyson Sand

co-founder, Podcast queen

Allyson is the co-founder of Altitude. She loves learning how the way we live impacts the environment around us and is excited to be a part of an important and intentional platform that aims to create change in mindset and manner. Allyson is a native Texan living and working in Chicago. For the past 6 years, she has worked as a renewable energy project developer focusing on wind energy projects across the Midwest. She is a calligrapher, eco-modernist, aspiring minimalist and lover of art and film.

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