compost beginnings

I've literally been thinking about composting for years.  You would almost think I would have started composting at my house.  You crazy cat. I didn't compost, but I did talk about my frustration that composting was not available to me and was not widely utilized. Why wasn't it required (like it is in Seattle)? I even thought about writing a white paper about how composting could be implemented to solve all of the problems... but I also didn't do that because writing a white paper is hard.  And every time I threw kale stalks and eggshells in the garbage, I cringed a little bit.

Altitude has already been a great learning experience for me because as I do research for posts and content, I constantly come across amazing information, like the fact that there are multiple compost services that pick up in my neighborhood! I rolled my eyes at myself at that moment. But, it's all good, because now our family is part of the Chicago compost movement, thanks to Healthy Soil Compost and $30/month! I had many questions, some of which I found the answers to on the internet, but I also just wanted to know how it was going to go day-by-day before I made the leap. Will I have fruit flies in my kitchen? Will I get too lazy to go out to the compost bin in the freezing cold Chicago winter? Do I need a counter-top kitchen compost bucket? How bad will the bucket smell if I put bones in it? Will the compost people be able to get through my gate to pick up the bucket? Will my husband accidentally compost Ziploc bags? These are serious questions, and I am going to document my experience for the benefit of others considering making the commitment.  Hope you'll follow along for some laughs and probably gross photos of my compost bucket from time-to-time.